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We are a quick developing brand, that deals with the exploration, trade, and transport of mineral resources. Mineral resources are often used in the production of high-tech materials, and make the greatest base of the modern industry and civilization development. We try our best to meet expectations and demands. Exploited sources of mineral resources make it necessary to use materials located in sources that are located in increasingly unfavorable geological and mining conditions. The current area of our actions is located in West Africa but we are open to new perspectives.

What we do

Our main concern is exploration, processing, and mineral sources trade. The development of science, technology, and engineering has a crucial impact on the need for mineral resources. Some of them lose their initial meaning and gain new possible uses. Metal consumption and other mineral resources consumption increase every year due to the development of science, the improvement of living conditions in developing countries, the increase of total life span, and the development of new technologies. As a brand, we try to meet the expectations of our business partners.

Minerals mining and trading

Our main concern is research, management, and active extraction of mineral resources. Mineral resources are used on a daily basis. Do you know the relations between your smartphone and bubblegum or drugs prescribed by a doctor? If you look around, it will be clear that minerals are an essential part of your household. They are a crucial element of the production of every item owned by you.

Mineral extraction

In the mineral resources industry, it is said: „If it can’t be grown, it must be mined!”. We are interested in the extraction of mineral resources in West Africa. We are also ready to undertake new projects.

Sale of minerals

Additionally, our brand specializes in mineral resources trade with business partners all around the world. We supply many different branches of industry.

Raw material extraction

Our brand deals with gemstones trade as well. We supply gemstones for plenty of jewelers and the jewelry industry.

Amber trade

There are plenty of different types of amber, selected according to its formation place and occurrence. Amber’s aesthetic values depending on its type, environment conditions, region, and type of resin may differ. We deal with the amber trade as well as mining in various different parts of the world.

Our area
of operation:

  • West Africa
  • Ivory Coast
  • Ghana
  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Senegal
  • Burkina Faso
  • Sierra Leone

We are interested:


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